ANNAND is a graphic design and letterpress studio run by me, Eleanor Annand, in Asheville, North Carolina. I specialize in identity and print design, custom letterpress work, and sweet little handmade gifts. If you have a special project in mind, drop me a line – I would love to hear from you.


Posters | Banners | Invitations | Illustration | Custom Lettering | Handbills | Identity Design | Catalogs | Brochures | Business Cards | Postcards | Stationery | High Fives | Hang Tags | Packaging | All Things Letterpress


Through clean lines, meticulous typography and clarion voice, ANNAND gives identity to design projects.




Custom letterpress built to order. From event posters to invitations, when you want to add a special touch, ANNAND handmade letterpress does it.


People have used mark making as a means to express visual ideas for thousands of years. Stick to sand, pen to paper we pass on our history. On top of being a designer and printer Eleanor Annand is an artist.